We are the Danelle Cressinger Band

Lead Vocals: Danelle Cressinger

Acoustic Guitar/Keyboard/Backup Vocals: Ricky Murphy

Electric Guitar/Banjo: Michael Bordner Jr.

Drums/Percussion: COLE LAUBACH

Bass Guitar: Joshua Owens

We are a Christian rock band based out of central Pennsylvania bringing a variety of original music with an emphasis on worship.  We have a combination of experience and styles that gives us the ability to create original songs, as well as put our own spin on popular radio covers.  We have traveled locally, as well as out of state to lead worship, play outreach events, fairs, women's conferences and more.  While creating and playing is a love of each of ours, our central focus is building the kingdom, and making Jesus famous far and wide.  "If one heart has been reached through our music, then we've served our purpose."



 Photography by Trevor Geiser

CD Cover Art by Wilhelm Photography

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